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Founding documents: Links to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution
Education on the founding documents and so, so much more!
Hillsdale College, of course! - offering FREE Online courses:
Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution
Constitution 201: The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism
Economics 101: All You Need to Know
History 101: Western Heritage - From the Book of Genesis to John Locke
Interactive Historical US Map & Video (free version)
US Government - Main Page
US Government - Agencies - Main Page
US Senate votes - 2013 session
US Senate -- Main Page
US House -- Main Page
US House -- Find Your Representative
Other US Congressional items
Legislation/Voting Records/Committees (GovTrack)
Washington State Constitution
Washington State Govt Main Page
Washington State Secretary of State
Washington State Senate
Washington State House of Representatives
What the House is actually doing
King County Government
Revised Code of Washington

King County Code

King County Elections

Who Has Filed

Official Washington State Results

Federal Election Commission
Republican Party Links
National Committee -- US Republican Party

Washington State Republican Party

Washington State Republican Party Platform

King County Republican Party

King County Republican Party Platform

King County GOP Leadership Team
This link also shows all Legislative Districts in King County

Pierce County GOP
This link has a menu to get to all Legislative Districts in Pierce County

Snohomish County GOP
This link shows links to all Legislative Districts in Snohomish County

Kitsap County GOP
Main Page to our friends across the Sound

Kittitas County GOP
Their Search function may get you where you want to go...

11th Leg District Republicans

41st Leg District Repubicans

45th Leg District Repubicans

47th Leg District Repubicans

47th Leg District Republicans

48th Leg District Republicans (chair)

What's my Precinct? - - - - and CD, LD, and County Council District too!
Your District Finder - State (Has Reps & Senators too) -- with map

County and Municipal Links

King County:
Elections and Voter Registration


Council Home Page
City and Community Links:
Black Diamond



Fall City


Maple Valley

North Bend



Public School Links:
Auburn School District

Bellevue School District

Carbonado School District

Enumclaw School District

Issaquah School District

Kent School District

Lake Washington School District

Puyallup School District

Renton School District

Riverview School District

Snoqualmie Valley School District

Tahoma School District

* * * Right-on Local Organizations * * *

Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR)
Meets on 1st Thursdays. Click for website or to sign up for newsletters
Eastside Republican Club - meets on 1st Tuesdays
Eastside Republican Club FACEBOOK page

Related: Puget Sound Republican Event Calendar from ERC

Eastside Republican Women's Club (Snohomish County)

Liberty 21 - the resistance against UN Agenda 21
- meets with Kent/Renton/Covington Tea Party Patriots -- info on our calendar

Renton/Kent/Covington Tea Party Patriots - no link available -- meets on 1st Thursdays -- info on 5th District calendar

South Sound Ronald Reagan Republican Club - centered in Tacoma; meets monthly
South Sound Republicans (Facebook)- meets kind-of-quarterly

* * * Local Links * * *

Freedom Foundation (formerly Evergreen Freedom Foundation)
Orbusmax (local news links)
ShiftWA.org (Shift Olympia's priorities)
Sound Politics (local news)
Washington Policy Center

* * * National Links * * *

Accuracy in Media
American Conservative Union
American Spectator
American Thinker
Americans for Prosperity
The Blaze (Glenn Beck)
The Blaze TV(Glenn Beck)
Breitbart: The spirit of Andrew Breitbart lives on---
Canada Free Press -- yes, Canada!
CATO Institute
Citizens United
Conservative Intel
Conservative News Service - CNS
Conservative Treehouse
Conservative Tribune
Daily Caller
Daily Wire (Ben Shapiro, editor)
Drudge Report
breaking news links
The Economist
The Federalist
Free Republic
Freedom Outpost
Freedom Works
Freedom Works University
Full Measure News - Sharyl Attkisson
GOP - The Daily Dose
GOP Insider Brief (Free - delivered to your inbox daily)
The Heartland Institute
The Heritage Foundation
also see The Daily Signal
The Hill
Hot Air
David Horowitz Freedom Center
Judicial Watch
Legal Insurrection
Less Government
Little Green Footballs Right-Left -- always interesting
Media Research Center (Brent Bozell)
Mediaite (looks at the media - many videos - both sides)
MEMRI -- Middle East Media Research Institute (translates Arabic newspapers so you can see what they're really saying
MEMRI -- Middle East Media Research Institute TV ditto as above for Arabic television
Middle East Forum
National Review Online
New York Post
One America News Network
One America News Network
ditto -- live streaming video
Patriot Post - a wealth of information
PJ Media
Real Clear Politics
Red State
The Resurgent
Right Alerts
Right Wing News
The Daily Signal (from Heritage Foundation)
Scott Ott's Satire: Scrappleface
Tea Party Patriots
Town Hall
Truth Revolt (a project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center)
Wall Street Journal Opinion Page
Washington Examiner
Washington Free Beacon
Washington Times
Weekly Standard
Western Journal/Western Journalism
World Net Daily
Young America's Foundation
Zero Hedge Quoted by Rush a lot

* * National and Local Right-on Radio, Television, and Print folks * *

Bret Baier
Fred Barnes
Glenn Beck
Mark Belling
Bill Bennett
Neal Boortz
David Boze (facebook) from KTTH
Brent Bozell
Pat Buchanan
John Carlson
John Cavuto
Mona Charen
Ann Coulter
S. E. Cupp
Steve Deace
Andy Dean -- Facebook
Larry Elder
John Fund
Mike Gallagher
Bill Gertz
John Gibson
Sean Hannity
Stephen Hayes
Todd Herman
Hugh Hewitt
Mike Huckabee
Laura Ingraham
Brian Kilmeade
Bill Kristol
Charles Krauthammer
Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Lars Larson
Mark Levin
G. Gordon Liddy
David Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh
Daily Rushbo.com
Unofficial, but good snippets written by a Rush fan for people on the go
Dana Loesch
Michelle Malkin
Michael Medved
Dennis Miller
Dick Morris
Peggy Noonan
Chuck Norris
Marvin Olasky
Scott Ott
other Scott Ott videos
Bill O'Reilly
Dennis Prager
Dave Ramsey -- emphasis on finance
Matt Ray host of America's First News
his Facebook Page * click *
Michael Savage
Mike Seigel
Ben Shapiro -- Breitbart editorials
Ben Shapiro -- Daily Wire editorials
Jason Stapleton --well-spoken former Marine. Various editorials & live show
Thomas Sowell
Mark Steyn -- Rush's favorite undocumented guest host
Greta Van Susteren -- Retired from Fox News
Cal Thomas
Dr. Grace Vuoto
Joe Walsh
Stacy Washington "Stacy on the Right" show -- subs for Dana Loesch
Chris Widener -- Founder of the largest Republican Facebook page in America
...and listen to Chris and Todd on KTTH's BuzzPo Podcasts!
Bill Whittle
George Will
Byron York

* * * Popular Blogs (Right-leaning, of course)* * *

Alan Caruba - Facts not Fantasy
cartoons and commentary
Free Republic
Hot Air Conservative Network
PowerLine Blog
Washington Grassroots Electronic Network (Pro-Constitution)

* * * Miscellaneous Links * * *

5th District Movie Page

History quiz: Name the movie where only the military & and the police had guns?
Schindler's List. There is a critically important lesson to be learned here.
5th District Second Amendment Page
National Rifle Association
Also national, but feared and respected around the world---
kind of like the U.S. Military
NRA News.com
Second Amendment news from the NRA: America's First Freedom
Famous Gun Quotes
from Buckeye (Ohio) Firearms Association
Girls Just Want to Have Guns
good regular stuff too!
2nd Amendment links from legalmatch.com
not an ad - just good links
Second Amendment Foundation
National, but based in Bellevue

Here's something from the Second Amendment Foundation right now!

and CCRKBA - Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
lobbying arm of the 2nd Amendment Foundation