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Seen at one of the D.C. marches:
Let's have some fun with this one --

OK - we see she has the right to "bare arms" -- and they are -- but:

Does that mean that this brilliant liberal wants...
- women to be banned from entering school and college campuses?
- women to be banned from any establishment selling alcohol?
- women to be banned from polling places on election days
- women to be banned from any official government group meetings?
- all women to be banned from all airports?
- you to have to pay a fee to the state before you can carry a woman on your person?
- some women to be banned outright simply because they look too scary?
- all women to be locked up at all times when they are not in use?


- Does she have a problem when guys want more than one?
- That all women should come with silencers?

Maybe this was not well thought out. But, what "progressive" issues are?